For two generations the Madmoni family have grown flowers in the fertile soil of Moshav Azriel, located along the 'green line' of Israel's former border. Founded in 1951, Azriel is situated in the Kfar Saba Region of the Southern Sharon.

In the true pioneering spirit and through constant hard work, these efforts eventually took root. In addition to exporting flowers to Europe, flowers grown by the Madmoni's are sold by FLOWERS AND SYMPATYA, a florist business owned and operated by second-generation Ophir Madmoni.

Why the word SYMPATYA in our name? The use of the word FLOWERS is obvious. After all, this is what we deal in. But why choose the Hebrew word SYMPATYA? First, let us put you at ease. The word SYMPATYA has nothing to do with the oft-translated word "sympathy." The name itself refers to the Israeli expression SYMPATI.

In Israel, a person who is 'SYMPATI' is a pleasant, helpful human being with a friendly smile on his face. A person who is 'SYMPATI' will go out of his way to see to it that the customer is thoroughly satisfied. This, more than anything else, explains the true meaning behind the name:

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