Wedding Canopy Flower Arrangements

Is someone in your family planning on getting married? Then we wish you a lot of MAZAL TOV! For a festive occasion, we offer a wide range of flower arrangements for the guest tables, the table of honor for the family, the bar area and for the wedding canopy (Hupa) itself.

Many people decide to get married in Israel, especially those with relatives in the country. There are many reasons for this: Wedding expenses in Israel are much less than what they are in the States or in Europe. The weather is wonderful and the setting is romantic. The experience is unforgettable, especially if FLOWERS AND SYMPATYA design and prepare your floral arrangements.

The following photographs give an example of the type of work we do at Flowers and Sympatya. Your computer display resolution should be set to 800 X 600 pixels and 256 colors. This is the standard Windows 95 super-VGA resolution. Larger area and higher resolution photographs would slow your computer down to a virtual crawl on the Internet. If your computer is set to a higher resolution, then there is no need to change the settings. Sorry, but you will still have to wait a bit for all the pictures on this page to appear. We believe that the wait is well worth it.

The Hupa (the Wedding Canopy)
The HUPA is the wedding canopy where the marriage ceremony itself takes place. By tradition, it must be located under the open sky. In Israel, this is no problem at all. For over eight months of the year, it never rains. Garden and poolside ceremonies are held out in the open. Most marriage halls have an opening in the ceiling located over the HUPA, through which the evening sky can be seen. A few hold the ceremony on the roof. In all marriages, the HUPA flower arrangement looks basically the same as shown in the photographs.

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