There is a reason for the animated drawing of the loudspeaker next to the title of this page. Rule number one for any guest at an Israeli wedding is to grab the table farthest from the speakers. Sitting too close to the source of the loud music at Israeli weddings will reduce you to using sign language in order to communicate with your friends and relatives at the table.

One of the more important aspects of any wedding (aside from what the bride is wearing), is the table floral arrangements. A good part of the overall first impressions of the guests as they enter the wedding hall, is the impression caused by the table floral arrangements and their effect on the total picture. Last impressions at the end of the wedding invariably involve sights of Polish grandmothers smuggling floral bouquets out of the wedding hall under their sweaters or hidden rather poorly in plastic shopping bags. Oh, well -- to be perfectly accurate, not all flower smugglers at weddings these days are Polish grandmothers. Everyone seems to be doing it. It has almost become part of Israeli custom. We do ask, however, that guests do not take the decorative glass flower holders, which are the property of Flowers and Sympatya.

We use the same luxuriant table floral arrangements for all festive occasions and affairs (Bar-Mitva's, Bat-Mitzva's, parties, etc), and not just weddings.

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