There is nothing at a wedding that deserves more attention than the bridal bouquet. It is simply one of those items that everyone pays attention. In Israel, even before the wedding begins and before the guests begin arriving, it is the custom for the photographer to photograph the bride and groom from a variety of angles. One of these pictures is a photograph of the bride holding the bridal bouquet. It is the picture that must appear in every wedding album. It is also the picture that people will be looking at years after the wedding.

With this in mind, we at Flowers and Sympatya put much attention and effort in preparing the bridal bouquet. It must be special, but much more. For example, it is the custom after the wedding ceremony for the bride to toss the bridal bouquet into the air. Did you ever stop to think how much effort goes into designing a bridal bouquet which will not fall apart when it's thrown into the air?

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