We have found that people are a bit cautious and wary when it comes to sending their credit card number over the Internet, and rightly so. Even sites which encrypt your credit card number can be vulnerable. Although we have never encountered problems in this area, we offer several alternate methods for sending orders to us, as follows:

1. Fill out the Order Form, leaving the credit card number blank. In the message or comments area of the Order Form, notify us that you are sending your credit card number by fax. (That way we will not think that you left the credit card number blank by mistake). Press the SUBMIT button of the Order Form page.

2. Fax us your credit card number separately. Be sure to include your name and E-Mail address so that we can match up the fax with your Order Form. Our Israeli Fax number is: (972) 9-7966103. We also have a USA fax number: (413) 473-7865. This will save you overseas fax costs.

3. We will send you confirmation by E-Mail that we have received both your order form and your fax.

We have found the above method to be both an efficient and safe way of ordering flowers from us through the Internet. However, if you desire additional security, you can phone us up and give us your credit card number over the phone. A short phone call will not cost you much, and will give you peace and quiet.

NOTE: Israel is 6 or 7 hours ahead of New York time, depending on the season. You can reach us at 972-50-546516 until 23:00 (11 pm in the evening, Israel time).

If the hour is late and no one answers, then let the phone ring 5 or 6 times until the answering machine plays a recorded message in Hebrew. Wait for the Beep, and leave your name and telephone number in either English or Hebrew (including area code). We will get back to you.

Some of our customers send us their credit card number by E-Mail. While we have encountered no problems to date with this method, sending your number by FAX or by direct phone call is considered to be better.

NOTE: When choosing the types of flowers, click on the window and a list of choices will appear. Scroll up and down in the window to see all the possible choices. The price in U.S. dollars is listed alongside each choice. If you wish to order more than one item, record the additional items in the field reserved for Notes and Comments.

How safe do you think you really are when you give your credit card to a waiter you have never met before in a restaurant you may not visit again? Statistically speaking, there is actually less risk by sending your credit card number over the Internet. -- Think of this the next time you eat out at a restaurant.
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