At Flowers and Sympatya we strive for perfection and for high quality.

Products and services provided by Flowers and Sympatya include the planning, preparation and supply of floral arrangements for weddings, bar-mitzvas, bat-mitzvas, parties and celebrations. Products include:

- Floral Arrangements
- The Bridal Bouquet
- Wedding Canopy Floral Arrangements
- Brit Mila
- Table Floral Arrangements
- Cemetery Flower Service

All flowers are freshly-picked and export-quality. The flower arrangements are cut, sorted and assembled by trained and experienced florists working in the large and spacious refrigerated packing building owned by the Madmoni family on Moshav Azriel.

Floral arrangements may be ordered for any occasion. Specially-shaped floral arrangements based on the customer's specifications may also be ordered.

Home deliveries are carried out for birthdays, anniversaries, Jewish holidays and a variety of special occasions.

Detailed descriptions of the various flower arrangements appear on the following web pages, along with photographs taken of actual flower arrangements prepared by Flowers and Sympatya.

In the case of a Brit Mila or a surprise party, floral arrangements may be ordered on short notice. As we previously noted, all of our flowers are freshly-picked -- and we are used to working on short notice!

Before planning an affair, call on us for FREE advice and a price estimate.

Flowers and Israel go together. Isn't it about time you sent a surprise gift of flowers to someone dear to you? Many people have relatives, friends or business associates in Israel. Just think what a wonderful idea it is to surprise them with a bouquet of flowers on Jewish holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or on special occasions. Let Flowers and Sympatya be your own private Israeli florist. We supply only export quality flowers at the fastest possible speeds throughout all of Israel. Specify a date, and we will see that the flowers are delivered only on that date (for a birthday, anniversary or for any special occasion).

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