'No life flowers except on a cemetery.'

Remy De Gourmont (1858-1915), French critic, novelist

We usually don't like speaking of such things, but at FLOWERS AND SYMPATYA we prepare wreaths for Israel's Memorial Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day and other occasions when people visit the graves of relatives and loved ones. Our wreaths consist of a selection of greenery and flowers designed to last longer in Israel's dry, hot climate.

When visiting a grave in a cemetery, in Israel it is the custom to leave a small rock on the grave as a sign that you have not forgotten your loved one. On special days, such as on the anniversary of a loved one's death (the Yortzeit), on Holocaust Day or on Memorial Day, it is the custom to leave a wreath or bouquet of flowers on the grave.

If you are living abroad, and are unable to visit the grave of your loved one in Israel, FLOWERS AND SYMPATYA has a special service for you. We will place your order of flowers on the gravesite. For an additional fee of $5, we will send you a photograph of the grave and flowers.

We believe that we are carrying out a very unique and special service. To date, we are the only one in Israel who do so over the Internet. We simply believe that this is something that must be done.

Cemeteries have a special place in Israeli culture. We visit the graves of the deceased at least once a year. On Memorial Day, which falls on the day before Israel's Independence Day, the cemeteries are crowded with people visiting the graves of their sons, daughters, fathers and grandfathers who died defending the country they loved down through the generations. Memorial Day is a very solemn day in Israel.

Holocaust Day is observed exactly one week before Israel's Independence Day. Almost all of Israel's cemeteries have special monuments to commemorate the various communities in Europe which were wiped out during the Holocaust. Tombstones are sometimes erected with the names of family members who died in the Holocaust and whose place of burial is unknown. When Holocaust survivors die, they often request that the names of their deceased relatives be engraved on their tombstones. It is simply the accepted thing to do - like laying a wreath of flowers on the Tombstone as a sign that you will never forget.

The price for a long-lasting wreath of flowers is $75 (+ delivery).
Other more affordable graveside bouquets appear on the Order Form.

We hope that we have handled this rather delicate subject in the correct manner. It is simply a service we felt must be done.

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