Floral arrangements are a work of art. Aside from choosing the correct flowers for each occasion, the flower arrangement must be carefully matched to the setting where the flowers will be located. The flower stems must be carefully trimmed and the florist must have a sense of balance and color in preparing the floral arrangement. It takes years to learn the trade, and the result is a work of art.

At Flowers and Sympatya we have found that despite the high salaries they command, it is more than worthwhle to employ only the best and most experienced floral workers and professional florists for this task. In addition, all completed floral arrangements are kept in a special climate-controlled refrigeration room until the last possible moment before delivery to the hall where the occasion is to be held. This insures flower freshness, even in warm summer weather.

NOTE: All pictures shown here and elsewhere on this website are from actual floral arrangements prepared by Flowers and Sympatya. We take pride in our work. The next time you visit Israel, you are invited to thumb through our extensive photograph albums to choose the floral arrangement that meets your taste. If you find it difficult or inconvenient to visit us, and if you are staying in the Tel-Aviv/Gush Dan area, a representative from Flowers and Sympatya will call on you at your hotel or at the place where you are staying.

Round table arrangement - $25 + delivery

Romantic flower basket - $30 + delivery

Modern arrangement - $38 + delivery

Red romantic arrangement - $42 + delivery

Wild-style arrangement - $42 + delivery

Country-style arrangement - $43 + delivery


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